We think we have designed the best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle Ever

3 in 1 --- Unique on the market!

ZENFUZE "Original" - Use with either top, bottom or no infuser....

Test out for yourself whether you prefer your fruit infused from the bottom or at the top. (We prefer bottom – the flavour carries on infusing even in a half used bottle). But hey! It’s a free world – you can choose.

And of course you can take the infuser right out if you just want plain ol’ water…

The benefits of drinking more water are well documented: Fat Burning - Hydration – Strengthened Immune System - Weight loss - Improved digestion – and with Zenfuze – it’s so easy to do, and the cost is minimal. It’s a great alternative to those expensive flavoured bottled waters.

With its cool design, you can be seen anywhere with this bottle: indoors, outdoors, sports, gym, yoga, running, biking, in the office, traveling. And it’s car friendly too - fits most car cup holders

  • Natural fruit infused water
  • Healthy Refreshment
  • Sugar Free
  • Eco Friendly
  • Unbreakable
  • Scratchproof
  • BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ bottle
  • Ultimate Quality
  • Designed to Last


Now introducing ZENFUZE "Xtra" 

Now Introducing ZENFUZE "Xtra" with a bigger infuser solely infusing your water from the bottom. New locking mechanism on the lid for ease of use and the strap has also been adapted for durability. This is a new edition of ZENFUZE for customers who prefer to infuse only from the bottom.

It's not all about looks....

Designed in Europe – we chose a very minimalist design – but also extremely cool .. And the use of the white material is not just so it looks nice. We tested other (darker) colors and noticed that they were much more difficult to see when they were completely clean. Do you know how sick you get when you drink water that is in contact with algae or mold? And because both the top and the bottom are removable – you can be certain all the parts are perfectly clean.

"And because both the top and the bottom are removable – you can be sure you can easily clean all the parts."

This means that your investment will last a very long time - all parts are designed to be easy to keep clean.

Check out this short clip to see how easy it is to configure any way you please​

We want to convince you ....

Sure .... you're probably looking around ... checking out other products. Did you notice some were cheaper? Did you check whether they're made with same quality materials? Do they offer a year long, no questions asked, hassle free guarantee? Can you choose a top or bottom infuser? Are they so easy to clean and look after?

There is only one logical choice

Here it is: ZENFUZE 

Like we say.... the concept of the fruit water infuser bottle has been around a while...  we certainly didn't invent it .. but we have had the benefit of hindsight .. and have learnt a lot from all the other models on the market. We have taken a fresh look at water bottles and fruit infusers. We have shamelessly looked at all the best ideas around and fused them into one product. What you have in your new ZENFUZE is the perfect solution to everything you've been looking for in an infuser water bottle.

So why should you make the small investment?

  1. Dammit. It's Healthy: Can of soda or a bottle of fruit infused water? You know the answer.
  2. Use it how you want: This 3-in-1 bottle gives you the choice to have with either top, bottom or no infuser. And you can take it anywhere.. thanks to it's locking lid ... and cool design
  3. Most Hygienic Water Bottle : This is so important if you plan on using it for more than a week or so... This baby is so easy to keep clean and mold free

What People Are Saying About ZENFUZE

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Love this bottle”

Zenfuze is a sports fruit infusion bottle that is a little different than others that I have tried. First the top is a flip top lid with a locking mechanism. Took me a while to figure out just why I couldn't open it - it was locked of course. This is probably the easiest of all infusion bottles to clean. The cover unscrews but so does the bottom. The bottom holds the fruit infusion strainer, which also separates. BUT the infuser can also be placed into the top of the bottle if you prefer. I personally have no preference but some people may. Either way - I love options. Because everything comes apart it is so easy to clean. Really easy if you have a dishwasher but not a concern for those of us that don't either.

The Stuff of Success (AMAZON TOP 500 REVIEWER)

“This is a GREAT Water Bottle!”

I love everything about his wonderful bottle. It is large in size. I am always using smaller ones and run out of something to drink. The lid actually locks so it won't accidentally open and spill. I have never seen another bottle have this cool feature. You just twist to the unlock position and you can open the plastic cover and will be able to drink from the spout. The spout part is BIG. Makes getting a drink very easy. You can open it from the top or the bottom. Filling it with fruit is super easy. Just a little tip, I sometimes put frozen fruit in mine. Also, I like cucumber, blueberries, and mint leaves and it is soooo yummy! It has a pretty cool design on the side and also a strap so you can easily carry it. It fits super comfortable in your hand.

John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“This beautiful bottle makes my life just a little more zen :)”

This is my new favorite water bottle. I am a sucker for the fact that I can open both sides of the bottle to make sure it is super clean, as water bottles really bring out my inner germaphobe. I also just recently started infusing my water, so I appreciate the versatility this Zenfuse bottle has in letting me put the infuser at the top or the bottom, or remove it completely if I'm not flavoring my water that day. The locking lid is super cool too. Once again, this is an anti-germ feature for me so the mouth piece won't be easily exposed. It is also an extra layer of leak protection, which is awesome. Finally, it's such a beautiful almost minimalist design. The white accents with Zenfuze written on the clear section in a beautiful font, it is really great.


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Genevieve Avani Lifestyles
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About Genevieve Avani Lifestyles 

ZENFUZE is produced by Genevieve Avani Lifestyles, a niche product development company based in Paris (France), specializing in designing and developing lifestyle products that help us all live in a more environmentally friendly way. We choose safe, sturdy, sustainable materials, that as well as being recyclable also offer innovation and practicality.We create desirable products that are a little bit different from the everyday items you see everywhere. We focus on quality and delivering that little bit extra that will allow you to enjoy our products for many years.

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